joy valencia
singer-songwriter-producer, snapchat & IG: joyvalencia

Posted 2 weeks ago 1 note REBLOG3 new songs were born tonight yeee

my garden ☺️

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Hammock songwriting

Hermosa Beach

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Posted 1 month ago 2 notes REBLOGthis guy is for real. camouflage pattern on his body and SPIKES ON HIS LEGS. not to be messed with. #toughguy #backyardfriend #macro

Flea market

That bag is full of vintages dresses. Major scores were had today.

Backyard homies

There’s a family of scrub jays that lives in my backyard… for pics & vids of them, check my snapchat posts. They’re hanging out everyday with me lately. :D Two parents and two “teenager” types. lol I think this one is the dad.

Lucky for me, I can work anywhere